Low Current Probe/Digital Multimeter

Low Current Probe/Digital Multimeter
Part Number: ESI687
Price: $211.83
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Great for accurate measuring of low amps
  • Has low reading capability of 1 milliamp (0.001 A)
  • Unit also features full function DMM built in
  • Data hold, Auto power off and backlit LCD display
  • Zippered carrying case and test leads included

With the capability of measuring down to 1 milliamp (.001A), the ESI687 is a great tool for all low current applications. Especially for diagnosing parasitic drains! Clamp opening is large enough to fit over most negative battery cables. Applications: fuel injectors, fuel pumps, electric motors, battery drains, charging systems. Other functions include: Continuity beep, overload protection, clamp opening: 5/8". 9 volt battery is included.