EVAP Diagnostic Smoke Machine

EVAP Diagnostic Smoke Machine
Part Number: VCTEELD601
Price: $1,236.05
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Features and Benefits:

  • Basic EVAP and general purpose leak detection
  • Uses Nitorgen for safer EVAP testing and shop air for general leaks
  • Built with STAR EVAP Approved Diagnostic Smoke® Technology
  • Contains Patented UltraTraceUV® Dye solution - the only OEM approved dye
  • Automatic pressure control (not adjustable) prevents EVAP over-pressurization and damage while testing

Uses smoke vapor with dye trace to identify and locate leaks in EVAP, intake, exhaust, crankcase and most systems on any make of vehicle. Connects to vehicle’s battery and to shop air or nitrogen. No manual flow control valve to worry about turning off. Nitrogen-capable for added EVAP testing safety. Auto-Correct EVAP pressure -- not adjustable to avoid possible pressure damage. Full scale flow meter, detects all leak sizes. Does not harm EVAP components. Does not void vehicle warranty.