AutoEnginuity ProLine Scan Tool Bundle (SP01)

Part Number: 33201
Price: $1,199.95
Part Number:  33201
Manufacturer Part #:  SP01
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The software is a complete OBD-II implementation.

  • True Plug-n-Play USB 2.0 hardware. No device drivers required.
  • Bi-directional support. You have the ability to initiate system and component tests*
  • Powerful user-interface. Completely resizable, dockable, and configurable
  • Factory scan tool options available
  • Support for the new extended sensor list (233 sensors--supporting the SAE J1979 May 2007 additions)
  • Wide-band O2 sensor support1
  • View O2 sensor test results and zoom to "known good" presets
  • Translated into German, Spanish, and Hungarian. Not just the software, but professionally translated Quick Start and User Guides
  • Most importantlyALL FOUR OBD-II vehicle interfaces. This is a savings of hundreds of dollars over the competitors units

What's Included:

  • AutoEnginuity's software
  • AutoEnginuity's OBD-II vehicle interface
  • USB 2.0 interface and cable
  • User Guide
  • Quick Installation Guide

Pro-Line ScanTool Bundle #33201 - Includes:

  • USB ScanTool (ST05)
  • ProLine Interface (ST06)
  • Enhanced Ford Expansion
  • Enhanced GM (with CAN D) Expansion
  • Enhanced Chrysler (Full) Expansion
  • Enhanced Toyota Expansion
  • Enhanced Nissan Expansion
  • Enhanced Honda Expansion
  • Enhanced Mazda Expansion
  • Enhanced Hyundai/Kia Expansion
  • Enhanced Subaru Expansion
  • Enhanced Mitsubishi Expansion
  • Enhanced Isuzu Expansion

What AutoEnginuity's ScanTool can do:

  • Read Stored and Pending P, U, B, C Trouble Codes (including 20,000+ manufacturer specific codes)
  • Read and clear Freeze Frame dataGrid, Graph and Gauge
  • Clear the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator
  • View live vehicle sensors in a meter, graph, and gauge format
  • View oxygen sensor live data and test results
  • View all 11 Inspection/Maintenance systems and Mode 6 data.
  • Unlimited logging of live vehicle sensors in XML or CSV (1ms logging accuracy).
  • Playback your datalogs for offline analysis.
  • Run and query specific component and system tests. Support for generic and enhanced bi-directional tests.
  • Configure your sensors' ranges, scaling value, audible alert triggers, units, and sampling rate.
  • Savable configurations. Set up the interface to suit your preferences and save it so you never have to do it again.
  • Read the ECM ID, calibration, and calibration verification IDs from all reporting ECMs.
  • View generic and manufacturer enhanced data on the same tool
  • Configure the interface to suit your preferences


  • 1996 and newer passenger vehicles whether it be domestic, Asian, or European.
  • SAE interfaces: J1850 (PWM and VPM), ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 [KWP2000], and CAN [11Bit and 29Bit]

Having trouble finding an intermittent issue? Data logging can be done in two different formats: 1) XML for browsers; and 2) CSV for spreadsheets. With our proprietary logging methods you can log up to nine sensors with 1ms of accuracy. Whether you logged in XML or CSV, you have the ability to playback and view your logs offline.

With AutoEnginuity's ScanTool you have the ability to view all 11 of the inspection/maintenance system tests. These system tests can also be used to determine if the work performed fixed the problem or whether the vehicle will pass your local OBD-II-based emissions tests. Should a system test fail, you can see individual component results (Mode 6) fully translated and the data results scaled per the manufacturer's own specifications. *

*Support for this feature is vehicle dependant.


  • Single PC license

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE* / ME / 2000 / XP (Pro, Home, and Media Center) / Vista operating system

*USB 2.0 support is required for operation (regardless of USB or serial support being purchased). USB 2.0 is built-into Windows 2000 and later.

Minimum PC Requirements

  • 32 MB RAM
  • 32 MB free Hard Drive space
  • Pentium 4 processor (or equivalent)
  • CD-ROM for program installation


  • 1 year