Sabre Heavy-Duty Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tester

Sabre Heavy-Duty Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tester (without printer)
Part Number: 3167HD
Price: $472.07
  • Heavy-duty for 24-volt battery and electrical systems.
  • Diagnoses battery packs in series, parallel, or series/parallel.
  • Test AGM/gel cell batteries.

HIGHEST CCA capacity ranges (50-4000 CCA - 24V)

LARGE DISPLAY for less scrolling, more detailed instructions. It's also backlit for all light conditions.

INDUSTRY FIRST amp-clamp connection ports for live amperage readings using optional external amp-clamp.

15FT. CABLE to perform tests from the cab of the vehicle.

FIELD UPDATEABLE to accomodate new battery types, system updates, feature additions.

Battery Testing

  • Tests the following battery pack configurations:
    • One battery (6V or 12V).
    • Two batteries in series (24V);2, 3, or 4 batteries in parallel (12V).
    • Two banks in parallel, each bank having 2 batteries in series (24V).
  • Uses pack configuration in algorithm design.
  • Step-by-step user instructions for easy test completion.
  • Tester-applied loads used on all pack combinations.

Electrical System Training

  • 12V and 24V charging system tests.
  • 12V and 24V starting system tests.
  • 12V and 24V diode tests.
  • Amp-clamps available (not included) for starting/charging and current draw tests.


Amp-Clamp Conection - allows current drain tests and starting/charging analysis.

Test Both FLA (flooded lead acid) and AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery types.

Scales - CCA, CA, AHR, MCA, JIS, DIN

User Definable - print header and footer.

Removable Test Cables - easily field replaceable.

PC Interface Port - allows optional infrared wireless printer.

Readout Display - backlit for low light conditions, easy to view data in direct sunlight (4 x 20 character display).

Security Cable Connection - protects against stolen or dropped units.

Over-molded Surround with Soft-touch Keys - ruggedly built, easy to use, even with gloves.

Sabre HD Deluxe Kit


  • 24-volt heavy duty battery tester, 15' test leads, instruction manual, molded-plastic carrying case
  • Infrared wireless printer