RV Check - Trailer Light and Electric Brake System Tester

Part Number: 32840
Price: $349.95

The RV check is a fast, easy, low-cost way to test RV lighting and electric braking systems. In addition to powering an RV trailer's lighting circuits for easy checking, your RV Check measures the current draw of the electric brake coils, and checks the break-away battery circuit. The unit is totally portable and completely self-contained. There's no set-up, no fooling around with loose batteries or alligator clips, and you're not tethered to a line cord.

  • Carrier-mounted RV 7-blade socket.
  • Adapter for "Flat Four" connection included and tethered to carrier.
  • Built-in ammeter measures electric brake coil current draw.
  • Special circuitry test break-away battery circuit whether a battery is installed in the trailer or not.
  • Flashing turn signal feeds with stoplight function. Test turn signal/stoplight combined functions just like the towing vehicle would.
  • Aut-reset circuit breakers w/short circuit light.
  • Carrier accommodates regular car battery.
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