DG Technologies 9/15/25-pin Breakout Box

Dearborn 9/15/25-pin Breakout Box
Part Number: DG-HD-BOX
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9/15/25-pin DB Connector Signal Breakout Box. Male (top) and Female (bottom) to Banana Plug connections. Contains 6 pigtails for connection flexibility. Straight through connections (1-1, 15-15, 25-25). If you have worked near DB connectors for long, you will have probably wasted a lot of time and money building "breakout boxes" to serve specific project needs. If you are working with any type of cable that originates or terminates in a DB-9, DB-15, or a DB-25 connector, then this will become your ultimate breakout box. 

The HD Breakout Box is a DB9/DB15/DB25 to banana plug receptacle "breakout" matrix. All pins are wired "straight through", are interconnected with the other associated DB pins, and are routed to the appropriate banana plug receptacle. DB9.1M goes to DB9.1F, DB15.1F/M, DB25.1F/M, and Banana Plug Receptacle 1 DB9.2M goes to DB9.2F, DB15.2F/M, DB25.2F/M, and Banana Plug Receptacle 2 DB15.14M goes to DB15.14F, DB25.14F/M and Banana Plug Receptacle 14 etc. The HD Breakout Box comes with both male and female DB9, DB15, and DB25 connectors as well as 6 inch pigtails allowing you to extend the connectors on the top/bottom of the breakout box. The banana plugs rows are spaced far enough apart to allow labeling with a 9mm label maker.