Pressure / Vacuum Module Tester

Pressure / Vacuum Module Tester
Part Number: FLUPV350
Price: $557.99
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Features and Benefits:
  • Compatible with all Fluke and most popular DMMs
  • Digital pressure and vacuum measurements in a single module
  • Transducer sealed in 316 stainless steel compatible with variety of liquids and gases
  • Measures vacuum to 76 cm Hg
  • Displays results in English (psig of Hg) or metric (kPa or cm Hg) units
This highly accurate pressure transducer measures from 0.5 to 350 psig (3.447 to 2413 kPa) and 0 to 29.9" Hg (0 to 76cm Hg).  It's compatible with any automotive fluid, such as oil or coolant, or any gas, such as R-12, R-134A.  One-year warranty.