Duramax DFIT Diesel Fuel Injection Tester

Duramax DFIT Diesel Fuel Injection Tester
Part Number: WAE45468
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Features and Benefits:

  • Complete testing process takes about 10 minutes including hookup
  • Displays Injector fuel consumption balance
  • Tests high pressure pump and verifies low pressure pump
  • Tests for excessive fuel rail / injector leakage
  • Test no-start conditions or driveability

The Duramax DFIT Main Control unit prompts the technician, controls the testing process, and provides real-time readout of the test results. The DMU (Drive and Measurement Unit) adapter attaches directly to the PCM harness connector and drives the injectors and regulator using a high current supply that duplicates PCM characteristics. The high-pressure rail is monitored using the vehicle FRP sensor. Cranking the engine before each injector measurement pressurizes the rail. The cranking process is controlled utilizing all the safety interlocks and monitored by DFIT using CKP and FRP. The High Pressure Regulator is controlled to prevent overpressure.