COBRA Multi-Purpose Borescope UV/White LEDs

COBRA Multi-Purpose Borescope UV/White LEDs
Part Number: TRATP-9350
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Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for inspecting and leak checking A/C, fuel and EVAP systems, radiators, A/C evaporators, internal engine and transmission parts and much more
  • UV LED for detecting fluid leaks, refrigerant leaks and surface flaws, plus white light LED for component inspection
  • Super-advanced fiber optic imaging bundle provides unsurpassed resolution with infinite focal point
  • 24 inch “no-droop” cable maintains position for easier access into hard-to-view areas
  • Strong impact and water-resistant nylon housing stands up to the daily abuse of a shop environment
Accurate, powerful UV and white light LEDs illuminate the “suspect” area for a crystal-clear view of leaks, component damage, contaminants, debris or other problems. Versatile - unique, dual-wavelength design offers the convenience of using the COBRA borescope for fluorescent leak detection and to detect surface flaws, as well as for regular component inspection. Time Saving - featuring an “obedient,” omni-directional cable, the COBRA borescope offers exceptional maneuverability. It can easily snake its way past bends or obstructions to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, without time-consuming removal or disassembly of parts. Ideal for use in areas inaccessible to normal visual inspection. Pistol grip handle provides steady, comfortable viewing. Clip-on mirror permits viewing at an angle to detect “hidden” leaks and flaws. Includes Fluorescence-enhancing glasses and durable plastic carrying case. Powered by 4 "AA" batteries.