Tech Meter Kit

Tech Meter Kit
Part Number: ESITMX-589
Price: $225.75
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Features and Benefits:

  • Training DVD - One hour of multimeter training and advice on many aspects of electrical troubleshooting
  • Professional grade True RMS Digital Multimeter - CATIII 1000V safety rating - safe for use on Hybrids - waterproof to IP67 Standards
  • Includes LOADpro - Loads the circuit to find corrosion and resistance in the wiring - fast diagnosis - OEM approved tool
  • FET Book - 200 pages of Electrical Troubleshooting tips and insight - a must have for any technician beginning or advanced
  • Compass - used for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics

Techs want more information! With TMX-589 you get it!  One hour of DVD training showing how to use and get the best results from your investment. You spoke, we listened!

Whether you work on Hybrids, Boats or work in harsh environments, we've got you covered.

And with LOADpro Test Leads, you'll be able to do voltage drop tests on the fly, just one push of the button.  Any questions?  If so, just open our 200 page book covering Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting.  We've got your back!