Nexiq Pocket iQ

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Whether covering a large fleet or monitoring just a truck or two, Nexiq's compact Pocket iQ makes it easy to collect operating information. With its advanced capabilities, touch-screen technology, clear message and menu screens, the Nexiq Pocket iQ reports critical engine, brake, and transmission functions. It also stores and accesses vital facts and figures, fault codes, and more.

In addition, the Nexiq Pocket iQ can be customized to gather only the specific data a fleet needs. Collect as much - or as little - information as wanted. Smart and versatile, the Nexiq Pocket iQ puts data at your fingertips.

Key functions and features:

  • Monitors all vehicle data
  • Checks engine speed and load, pressures, temperatures, and more
  • Reads active fault codes
  • Reads and clears inactive fault codes
  • Displays trip data
  • Collects and stores data from multiple vehicles
  • Stores data in PDF or text format
  • Supports J1708 and J1939 communication

  • Kit Includes:

  • Pocket iQ scan tool
  • Heavy Duty Standard
  • 6-pin Deutsch adapter
  • 9-pin Deutsch adapter
  • CD manual/driver
  • Stylus pen
  • Carrying Case
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