Nexiq Universal J560 PLC Adapter

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The J560 PLC Adapter extends the capability of J1708/J1587 diagnostic tools to support J2497 Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication. You can use the J560 PLC Adapter along with a generic ABS diagnostic software application to do the following:

  • Detect ABS warning lamp messages coming from the trailer ECU
  • Test the in-cab trailer ABS warning lamp
  • Test SAE J1708 MID 10 and 11 messages and J1587 MIDs 136 through 139

You can connect the J560 PLC adapter to a vehicle between the tractor and the trailer, or to the trailer alone without the tractor.

The J560 PLC Adapter can be useful with any of the following NEXIQ Technologies products:

USB-Link 2

  • USB-Link 2 124032 Blue-Tooth Edition
  • USB-Link 2 124034 Wi-Fi Edition

Scan Tools

  • NEXIQ Pro-Link iQ
  • NEXIQ Pocket iQ

Pro-Link iQ Software Applications

  • Trailer ABS Suite
  • BENDIX ABS Suite
  • Meritor WABCO Suite

Pocket iQ Software Applications

  • ABS Software Suite

Cables and Adapters

  • 9-pin Deutsch Adapter
  • J560 7-way Power Cable

Replaces J560 PLC Adapter part # 602020