BAT131 Battery and Starter System Analyzer

BAT131 Battery and Starter System Analyzer
Part Number: BOS06844007327HH
Price: $902.75

Features and Benefits:

  • Capabilities include: battery testing, starter testing, and charging system testing
  • Algorithm for testing new batteries that are in stock or never been installed
  • Integrated printer to show customers printout of test results with ability to customize printout with shop name and coupons
  • 9' foot cables allows for one person to perform starting / charging system tests from the driver’s seat of the vehicle
  • USB ports allows downloading test results / future software upgrades

Battery and electrical system tester all in one tool saves time and money.  The BAT 131 is the benchmark in battery testing, and is designed for testing all types of 6V and 12V starter batteries, including lead-acid, gel and fleece batteries/AGM. The rugged, exterior housing is specially designed to survive the harshest workshop conditions and molded perfectly for one-handed operation.