Wireless Back up TrailerCam System

Wireless TrailerCam
Part Number: C7000-S
Price: $797.97
Wireless, Battery Powered, Magnetically fastened Backup TrailerCam and 7" Monitor.

Very few companies are given the opportunity to revolutionize an industry. It takes courage, humility, fortitude, and a clear vision to make products that can be truly branded "disruptive". Convoy Technologies is proud to be the first company to create, what has previously been marked as "impossible"; a Tractor-Trailer Solution for blind spots. The Portable TrailerCam is a magnetic, wireless, rechargeable battery operated camera that requires NO invasive installation. The product literally can be placed (using strong, rugged magnets) on the side or rear of any trailer, up to 100 Feet in Distance, and communicate to the monitor in the cab with zero latency or interference. Proudly designed and engineered in the USA, the Patent Pending Portable TrailerCam will dramatically eliminate blind spots during those "nickel and dime" slow speed and reverse accidents.


2.4GHz RF Technology
Transmitting Distance: min. 90’ barrier free
Sensor: 1/3” Sony HAD color camera
Resolution (pixel): 967x494
Lens: f=2.8mm
Lens angle: 90º Horizontal; 65º Vertical
Mini-Illumination: 0Lux (LED ON)
IR LED: 12 pcs
IR switch: available
Night Vision Distance: 36ft.
Video format: NTSC
Audio: available
Voltage: 12V
Battery: 3s2p 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable
Operating temperature: 0 to 65C
Timer: 15 minutes time off, can be re-started by pressing the power button
LED Red: Low battery indicator (Need to charge the battery)
LED Green: Battery charged
Pairing indicator (flashes when paired, constant green light when successfully paired)
DC Port for charger
Magnets on the back and bottom for removable mounting
Waterproof: IP65
Enclosure material: Aluminum Alloy
Dustproof, waterproof, protection against hydrochloric acid