VW/Audi Service Light Reset Tool

Part Number: AVAGSLR12
Price: $299.99

The VW/Audi (VAG) Service Light Reset (SLR) tool re-sets service lights on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, including the latest CAN vehicles with Conditional Based Servicing (CBS). Many VW and Audi vehicles feature the ability to adapt the oil change interval to driving conditions, with Standard and Long Life oil change settings. This reset tool has been developed with “Long Life Oil” service interval functionality. In addition to service light reset, the tool extinguishes the airbag (SRS) warning lamp across the complete VW/Audi range of vehicles.

This tool allows technicians to reset service lights, including airbag warning lights, on Audi and VW vehicles with this functionality, up to Model Year 2014


  • Resets service lights on all supported VW and Audi (excluding Q series) vehicles, up to Model Year 2014
  • Used with vehicles with Long Life / Standard Life servicing functionality; allows the technician to switch from Standard Life to Long Life oil change settings, and back
  • Performs Airbag warning light reset function
  • Compatible with latest CAN vehicles
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