Goldak Triad 2310 ULX

Part Number: 2310ULX
Price: $2,971.35
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Technologically advanced pipe and cable locating system complete with UL receiver and multifrequency transmitter for all line locating applications!

The New Standard in Underground Locating!

  • Versatile underground locator used for:
    >Line Tracing (pipes,cables,tracer wires, etc.)
    >Passive line tracing (power cables, etc.)
  • Uncomplicated and intuitive user interface that simplifies and speeds up most locating jobs
  • LCD screen offers visual display of intended target as well as audio response
  • Visual response provides both location and orientation of desired line
  • Search direction indicators, constant numerical response, automatic gain and set-up options
  • Universal application as both receiver and transmitter are compatible with other locators on the market
  • Will automatically scan and syncronize to any catalogued frequency between 50Hz-200KHz
  • Receiver comes standard with over 35 catalogued frequencies
  • Receiver comes standard with 4 passive modes (High voltage mode optional)
  • Automatic depth and accuracy reporting
  • Single trigger control
  • Transmitter built into carry case: comes standard with nine operating frequencies (9 conductive, 3 inductive)
  • Transmitter equipped with Goldak's patented SI super inductor antenna system for enhanced inductive capability.
  • Durable construction:high impact ABS and Xenoy plastic
  • Lightweight and compact: Receiver just over 4 Lbs./Transmitter approx. 13 Lbs.
  • Rec.powered by 8 "AA" batts. (approx. 50 Hrs.)
  • Trans.powered by Built-in Lithium Ion Battery System
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