CanDo STP-1000 Leak Detection Smoke Machine

CanDo STP-1000 Leak Detection Smoke Machine
Part Number: STP1000
Price: $1,399.95

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in air compressor for maximum efficiency and portability
  • External fitting for use with inert gas per OEM manufacturer requirements
  • Dual function capability and variable flow control
  • OEM approved Ultra Trace™ and Ultra TraceV® Dye Smoke Solution for testing without voiding manufacturer's warranty
  • Pressure decay test capability

The CanDo STP-1000 reduces diagnostic time with its portability, versatility and ease-of-use. It is shop tested and proven to diagnose leaks faster than the competition. The STP-1000 also has a built-in air compressor so that it is not limited to shop air supply. With its dual air supply capability, the STP-1000 can be taken anywhere!  Leak Detect Like the Pros - for MUCH LESS.