TechPRO with Preloaded 10" Tablet

TechPRO with Preloaded 10" Tablet
Part Number: MSSTECHPRO-10
Price: $2,199.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Auto ID vehicle in seconds with one click
  • Scan all modules for DTC's in 30 seconds or less
  • Deep link to Identifix
  • 10' tablet with preloaded software
  • 2 year warranty on VCI, 1 year on tablet

Tech-friendly menu. Easy-to-read menu options for seven categories:
Diagnose; OBDII; Snapshot Replay; Settings/Manage VCI; Feedback; Activate Subscription; MAHLE Chat.
• Speed of VIN decode. 1 second average via USB. 3-4 seconds average via Bluetooth.
• Speed of diagnosis. Full vehicle DTC scan of all modules in an average of 20-30 seconds.
• Data. Real-time streaming live data with graphing and gauges.
• Snapshot Replay. Always-on data recording allows seamless data review, export, and import.
• Repair Maintenance Interface. Jump directly from DTC’s found to free web information on the code
or to repair information found on RMI subscriptions.
• Tech-friendly alerts. Bright LED lights provide feedback that VCI is connected and communicating
properly. Audible alarm on VCI sounds when not in operation to help prevent drive-offs.
• SMART technical support. Free lifetime support via phone, email, or MAHLE chat button.
MAHLE technical support can take control of the device remotely for troubleshooting and training.