NEXIQ Pocket HD with Complete ABS and HD/LMT DPF Software

Part Number: 798021
Price: $2,049.00
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The NEXIQ Pocket HD Complete ABS Kit is the all-inclusive, Pocket HD diagnostic brake kit. You get complete coverage for anti-lock brake systems (ABS), including Bendix, Meritor WABCO, Wabash National, Eaton, and Haldex PLC

Besides the J560 Universal PLC Adapter (P/N 604120), the Pocket HD Complete ABS Kit also comes with a J560 PLC seven-way adapter (P/N 424001) that provides direct connection to a trailer without the tractor. With access to a broad array of special test, technicians can quickly and easily obtain a reliable and accurate diagnosis of brake status.


  • Monitors all vehicle data
  • Reads all active fault codes
  • Checks engine speed and load, pressures, temperatures and more.
  • Reads and clears inactive fault codes.
  • Displays all trip data
  • Collects, stores & records data from multiple vehicles
  • Stores reports and data in PDF or text format.
  • Supports J1708/J1939, 4CAN and OBD communication.


  • Test trailer ABS systems with PLC communications
  • Auto-detect the OEM's ECU system configuration
  • Read active fault codes
  • Read and clear inactive fault codes
  • Actuate modulators and valves
  • Test the brake retarder relay cycle

Interfaces with the following systems:

  • Bendix EC-80, TABS-6 Advanced, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), EC-60, TABS-6, EC-30, and EC-17
  • Meritor WABCO Easy-Stop and Enhanced Easy-Stop
  • Meritor WABCO D&E Series Tractor
  • Haldex PLC, PLC Plus and PLC Select
  • Eaton GEN4 and GEN5
  • Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS-2