VDO RoadLog ELD Plus With Cellular Connectivity

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VDO RoadLog ELD Plus adds cellular communication to give you the ability to upload log data wherever there’s cell service. For a low monthly fee per vehicle, cellular communication enables text-based messaging, driver monitoring, remote load and trip management, and enhanced fleet management capabilities.

  • VDO RoadLog ELD Plus features wireless communication for tracking drivers, vehicles, and loads at an affordable monthly cost per vehicle.
  • Provides advanced fleet management features.
  • Designed to work with VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Office Premium – online fleet management and compliance reporting tools.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Office Premium receive wireless communication from VDO RoadLog ELD Plus. This allows you to monitor driver availability remotely and have near real-time track & trace for drivers, vehicles, and loads.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Office Premium automate compliance reporting using data from VDO RoadLog ELD Plus. Data including logs, IFTA, IRP and pre- and post inspections, can be audited, archived, and edited in VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Office Premium.


  • Built-in thermal printer
  • No ink refills required
  • Fade resistant

ELD Capabilities

  • Complete FMCSA ELD Mandate compliance
  • Automatic recording for IRP, IFTA miles-per-state
  • Pre- and post-trip recording (DVIR)
  • Electronic logbook compliance for US, Canada, Alaska, Oilfield

Fleet Management

  • Online fleet management and compliance reporting through VDO RoadLog Office Advanced or Office Premium
  • Real-time management of drivers, vehicles, loads

Data Transfers

  • Wireless connectivity - automatic data transfer by cellular connection

Input / Output

  • GPS
  • Vehicle data inputs
  • USB slot

Log Print Out

  • 7 - day automatic output
  • Traditional grid-style display

Status UpdatesCO

  • Automatic status updates based on vehicle movement
  • Automatically tracks status in: On-duty, Driving, Sleeper Berth, and Off-Duty
  • Automatic warnings when approaching allowable limits

Data Security

  • Data access is protected by password and RoadLog USB Keys
  • Digital signature ensures authenticity / integrity of all data

Data-Recording Capability

  • Driver log (15 days)
  • Vehicle events (30 days)
  • Traveling / stop status detection
  • Trailer assignment
  • Shipment documents
  • Total odometer
  • Refueling tracking
  • Vehicle tracking (30 days)
  • Global positioning data acquisition
  • Pre- and post-trip inspection reports (DVIR) (30 days)
  • Vehicle mechanical and electrical defects reported by the driver
  • Company log in / log off
  • Ability to map vehicle’s travel using office software
  • Vehicle speed
  • Idling analysis