VDO RoadLog Driver Key

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The VDO RoadLog Driver Key is used to log in and log out from your VDO RoadLog ELD. The Driver Key is also used to upload ELD log data to the VDO RoadLog™ Office online compliance reporting and fleet management tool.

If a driver changes from one vehicle to another, the Driver Key can be used to transfer data from one VDO RoadLog ELD to another.

Before it can be used, the Driver Key must be activated with a Driver’s identity. The Driver identity assigned to the Driver Key is unique, and should not be used by another driver.

If you’ve chosen the “Solo” level of VDO RoadLog Office, you’ll need a VDO RoadLog Fleet Key for your company activation, and a VDO RoadLog Driver Key for each individual driver.

VDO uses proprietary technology to ensure secure data encryption while transferring information to and from the Fleet Key.