AC / DC Inductive Current Clamp for Digital Multimeters

AC / DC Inductive Current Clamp for Digital Multimeters
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Features and Benefits:

  • The Fluke I1010 is a 1000 Amps AC/DC Current Clamp for DMMs. This Fluke current clamp is ideal tool to extend the current ranges of digital Multimeters
  • Battery-powered Hall-effect probe measures 1 Amps to 1000 Amps
  • 1mV/Amps output guarantees easy reading on your meter
  • Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit
The i1010 AC/DC current clamp allows Multimeters to measure up to 600A AC or 1000A DC.  Current range: 1A to 600A AC or 1A to 1000A DC.  Basic accuracy DC or 45Hz to 400Hz: +/- (2 percent of reading +0.5A).  Output signal: 1mV/A AC/DC.  Frequency range: 45Hz to 2kHz. Bandwidth: 10kHz    Working voltage: 600V AC RMS.  Maximum conductor size: one 30 cm (1.18") or two 25mm (0.98") diameter.  Safety rating: EN61010, CAT III 600V.