OTC Ready Scan™ Pro Readiness Monitor Tool

Part Number: OTC3358PRO
Price: $114.52

A drive cycle is required after any emissions related repair. The 3358PRO OTC Ready Scan Pro Readiness Monitor Tool eliminates drive cycle guesswork by notifying any driver, or your customer - with color coded LEDs and built in speaker - that the drive cycle has been completed and the vehicle is ready.

Once the vehicle's OBD II system is ready, repair work is confirmed. If a state emission inspection is required, a retest can then be performed. The compact tool works on 1996 and newer OBD II and CAN compliant vehicles.


  • Easily determine a vehicle’s readiness status during a drive cycle, before or after OBD II related repairs.
  • Designed to increase productivity – enables repairs to be confirmed without the need of an expensive scan tool and technician.
  • Tool is easy to install and compatible with all 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II and CAN compliant).
  • Visual and audible indicators clearly notify the driver when a vehicle’s monitors are READY.
  • Software included for programming Ready Scan tool to identify when a specific Monitor has become READY.
  • On-line free tool updates.
  • No batteries required. Tool is powered by connection to DLC.
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