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CAN Test Box
Part Number: OTC3415
Price: $333.00
100 Series Autoranging Automotive Multimeter
Part Number: OTC3505A
Price: $276.41
2013 Oil Light Reset Kit
Part Number: OTC3596J
Price: $492.16
550 Series Auto Ranging Multimeter Kit
Part Number: OTC3940-HD
Price: $324.91
Advanced Timing Light
Part Number: OTC3365
Price: $136.56
Automotive Inspection Camera
Part Number: 3880X
Price: $404.31
CALL TO ORDER (616) 531-8868
Base Timing Light
Part Number: OTC3363
Price: $118.85
Cable Kit, DPG, 20 FT
Part Number: OTC3491-13
Price: $151.16
Current Clamp Probe to 2000Amps for Multimeters
Part Number: OTC3500-01
Price: $198.91
DB-25 to 8 pin DIN Cable Adapter for Monitor 4000E
Part Number: OTC3305-72
Price: $79.47
Genisys 6 Pin Deutsch Cable
Part Number: OTC3421-80
Price: $250.91
Genisys OBD II Smart Cable
Part Number: OTC3421-88
Price: $414.31
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